Marching Through North Carolina: Huntersville, North Carolina

(Editor’s Note: Each weekday in March we will be featuring a city in North Carolina in our “Marching Through North Carolina” series aimed at getting to know your state better from the mountains to the coast. In our firm, we serve all of North Carolina and enjoy learning about what makes us the same and different throughout the Tar Heel state. If you have any tidbits or suggestions about a featured city, please leave a comment on that city or town’s blog post.)

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The Facts:
Population: 37,599
County: Mecklenburg

The History:
Once known as “Craighead”, Huntersville, North Carolina holds a lot of history not only for the state of North Carolina, but for the nation as well. In 1781, a little under 100 years before it was incorporated as a town in 1873, Huntersville was home to the Battle of Cowan’s Ford. This would be the last battle in the American Revolutionary War in Mecklenburg County.

Like many of the towns we have featured in the Marching Through North Carolina series, Huntersville’s early economy and population were both boosted by the presence of textile mills in the area. Before the textile mills, a cotton mill, a brickyard and the state wide railroad system served as a catalyst for growth.

Huntersville is also home to the oldest store in North Carolina. Torrance Store dates back to the late 1700’s and is one of Mecklenburg’s few standing 18th century structures.

Today, Huntersville is rapidly growing. Take this into account: In 1990, Huntersville had a little over 3,000 residents. In 2000, the population, due to its location to Charlotte, ballooned to over 20,000. Today, nearly 40,000 people call the town home. The work of the town hasn’t gone unnoticed as Money Magazine named the town the 76th Best Place to Live in America in 2005.

Like nearby Concord, Huntersville has been getting into the racing business. The racing team of former NFL head-coach Joe Gibbs is currently headquartered in the town. While the town might have some big names operating within its town limits, the real beauty of the town is on the lake.

With over 500 miles of shoreline, Lake Norman is a must see if you ever find yourself in Huntersville. If you want to make a week or weekend out of a lake trip, check out the Visit Lake Norman website.

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