Homeless Man's Golden Voice Prompts Job Offers

This is an awesome story from Ohio. Is it law related? No, but we love great stories around here at Hardison & Cochran and wanted to share this one with everyone who reads the blog. (Side Note: If you love great stories too, check out our Twitter Feed. We try to post positive stories from around North Carolina each day) On to the story:

Ted Williams is a homeless man in Ohio. For funds, Mr. Williams would stand near an exit ramp and hold a cardboard sign touting his golden voice. One day, someone from the Columbus Dispatch decided to stop by and see just how good of a voice Mr. Williams possessed. Check out the video below:

After this video blasted across the Internet, Mr. Williams has received job offers from NFL Films and the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. For the full story check it out at the News & Observer.