Hillsborough Roundabout Ready For Traffic With New One Lane Design in Raleigh

As we posted on our blog nearly two months ago, the roundabout located on Hillsborough Street near North Carolina State University was redesigned with one lane. The plans for redesign began due to the large number of fender benders taking place due to driver confusion of the two lanes.

In 2010, the city of Raleigh turned the roundabout into two lanes to due to many serious accidents at Pullen Road. The two lane design resulted in excess of 100 accidents within a 20 month window. Compared to other double lane roundabouts in the state of North Carolina, this number was very high. The following is from a WRAL report on the redesign:

In comparison, two two-lane roundabouts in Davidson County had 10 and 12 crashes each over three years, and another in Winston-Salem had 13 crashes in four years. In those roundabouts, one inner lane goes completely around the circle, while outer turn lanes go from road to road.

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