Friday Feed #8

Another Friday, another Friday Feed.

Stop Doing Sit-Ups: Why Crunches Don’t Work
The sit-up has always been part of a healthy workout. Along with push-ups it’s one of the most traditional work outs out there. Kate Dailey researches why sit-ups may be doing more bad than good in her Newsweek blog post.

The Top 10 Grocery Coupon Websites for Cheapskates breaks down ten websites that will help you save money at the grocery store.

7 Ways to Better Recall Your Dreams
Ever had a vivid dream just to wake up to the details being fuzzy. Reader Digest offers 7 tips to easily recall dreams.

Memorable Moments of the NBA Finals
Since the NBA Finals tipped off last night, Sports Illustrated has offered up 20 of the most memorable moments in Finals history in the form of pictures.

Extraordinary Clouds and The Cloud Collector’s Handbook
The Telegraph, a UK newspaper, takes a look at two new books out about clouds. Sound dull? Well, the 15 pictures the Telegraph previews in this slide show are worth a look.

25 Electrifying Pictures of Lightning Photography
Just figured we’d follow up the awesome pictures of clouds with some great photography of lightning.

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