How StumbleUpon Works

Have you ever been to the website Well, it’s a pretty nifty website if you want to discover things within the topics you love. Here’s how it works: You create an account, pick topics that interest you and then start hitting a button that stumbles you across the Internet. Each time the “stumble” button is hit, it sends you to another random website that is within your range of topics you picked. Pretty simple, right?

Let’s do us some stumbling for the Friday Feed.
The Bambino, The Colossus of Clout, The King of Swing, yes, he has an official website.

Awesome Artwork Made with Sharpies
Woman’s Day spotlights some Sharpie artwork. It’s not simply Sharpies on paper. It’s Sharpies on things like, you know, Lamborghinis and Ibanez guitars.

Why Are Scrubs Usually Blue or Green?
Matt Soniak, a writer for Mental Floss, has your answer.

33 Cool Kitchen Pantry Designs
Want to amp up your kitchen pantry? Get some creative ideas from Shelterness.

Booty’s Basic Funk Formula
Just can’t get the funk? Bootsy Collins has the answers. As he says, just do what you feel.

Have a fun and safe weekend folks. We’ll see you back here on Monday.