Summer Time

This past Tuesday, at 1:16pm if you want to get technical, we said good bye to the spring of 2011 and walked into summer of 2011. So for this Friday Feed, we’re going to pay homage to the season of the sun and break out some summertime links. We hope you enjoy and remember, when you exit the beach or pool to reapply the sunscreen.

Here Comes The Sun
Here are some shots from’s Big Picture Blog that show the power and beauty of the sun. All pictures were taken since the first of June.

How Sunburns and Sun Tans Work
Discovery Health gives us the full run down on sun tans and sunburns.

What is Humidity?
If you’ve lived in North Carolina, or the south in general, you know all about humidity. But let fill you in on the science behind it.

Highest Temperature Ever Recorded in North Carolina
The State Climate Office of North Carolina has the hot facts. The highest temperature in North Carolina was a steamy 110 degrees, but you’ll have to click above to see where it was recorded.

7 Beach Safety Tips for the Summer
This one is from our own blog. Make sure you’re safe when visiting all the great beaches of North Carolina this summer.

100 Greatest Summer Songs of All-Time
This article from Entertainment Weekly was penned in 1996. Still some great songs for the season.

Grilling Tips
Earlier this week on our Facebook page, we asked everyone since it’s time to grill, what are you grilling? Well, here’s a whole page about grilling that includes tips, tricks and methods from the marinade to the meat.