Friday Feed #76: Motorcycles

Did you know May is motorcycle awareness month across the nation? In honor of the two wheels (unless you own a trike), the open road, the leather and most importantly the sense of freedom one gets when riding, were making this week’s Friday Feed about motorcycles. Saddle up and hold on.

How Low Can You Go?
Causal motorcycle riding and riding a motorcycle for competition are two different beasts. Want to know how different? Click the head line above.

Don’t Mess With The Honda Six
We all know you don’t mess with the Zohan, but why not mess with a Honda produced motorcycle. Story time: In 1966 Honda produced the RC166. In the same year, the RC166 went 10 for 10 in World Championship races. The bike also has a pretty sweet sound to it. Check out the videos.

Famous Men and Their Motorcycles
Check out the relationship ten famous men share for their beloved motorcycles.

So You Want to Know How Motorcycle Suspensions Work?
Well you came to the right place.

Have $160,000 Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?
Well, good news, you can get an all carbon fiber titanium Ducati.