Friday Feed #7

This week on the internet:

  • 5 Alternative Teaching Methods
    Lectures, homework and report cards aren’t the only school of thought when it comes to teaching. Pun intended.
  • Fake ‘no parking’ signs fool Tarpon Springs police, who write 233 tickets near Tarpon Turtle restaurant
    Mike Bronson, a local developer, didn’t want people parking around a popular Tarpon Springs, FL restaurant, so he put up “No Parking” signs. Well he even faked out the law who over a course of two years wrote over 200 tickets due to the signs. Problem is they were not city sanctioned.
  • 8 Awe-Inspiring Swimming Pools
    Women’s Day takes a look at 8 amazing swimming pools. Don’t know about the one in Utah. Looks kind of creepy, but the World’s Largest Pool is amazing.
  • Good Boy! The World’s Ten Smartest Dogs
    PetMD takes a look at the ten smartest dog breeds.

See you Monday! Have a great weekend.