Friday Feed #69

Bringing you the best (and oddest, weird, interesting, etc.) the Internet has to offer this week. Once again, the Friday Feed will tend to its purpose.

Jersey error makes Roosevelt High team the Rough “Ryders”
So let us get this straight: The company that produced the uniforms went on their own accord and made the uniforms the “cool way”, but they can’t be replaced until they get the old ones back. Does that make sense to anyone? This is like us ordering 20,000 pieces of letterhead and the printer saying, “We put Harrison instead of Hardison because it is a more common name. So you return that and go without for a week or two and we’ll send the right one even though we deliberately went against your order.” But, hey, the team is 13-2 in the unis, so “the cool way” might not be too bad.

The World’s 10 Happiest Countries
See who’s smiling around the world. Brought to you by Forbes.

Too Cold For Recess?
The USA Today looks at some school policies across the, you guessed it, USA.

The Safest Cars of 2011
Forbes takes a look at the safest cars coming out this year.

Weekend NFL Playoff Picks
ESPN’s “Iron” Mike Ditka, Keyshawn Johnson, Chris Carter and Tom Jackson break out their picks for the playoff football this weekend.