Friday Feed #66

$9.95 James Bond Rolex sells for $66,100 on eBay
Sometimes, you just don’t know what you have.

The Tale of Two Dunks (well, one dunk and an attempt at a dunk)
Dunk #1: Video: JaVale McGee ‘hot dogs,’ misses a free-throw line dunk
Dunk #2: Seventh-grader throws down thunder dunk on a fast break

17 Amazing Holiday Gifts Under $20
Some great gifts that won’t break you.

How to Stimulate Your Puppy’s Growing Brain
Follow these tips and you’ll be playing matches of chess with your pooch in no time.*

Woman Has Used the Same Christmas Tree Every Year Since 1928
Good story about value.

Pet Buffalo Rides in Car
Bailey the Buffalo has his own seat in the Pontiac.

* Obviously, we’re kidding.