Friday Feed #64

It’s been sometime since we have posted the Friday Feed. If you don’t know about the Friday Feed, it’s a post of links to interesting things around the Internet to lead you into the weekend. So, let’s say hello to an old friend:

  • Want A Camaro Personal Computer? Chevy Has You Covered
    You like the Chevy Camaro. You may drive a Chevy Camaro. Now you can surf the Internet with, yes, a Chevy Camaro.
  • Guinness Record Setting Animals of 2011
    Ever seen a 245 pound dog that has to sleep on a queen sized mattress?
  • 2010 North Carolina Cotton Festival in Dunn, North Carolina
    Check out everything that is happening in Downtown Dunn, NC tomorrow. We will be there all day long. Come by and meet the attorney and staff of the firm.
  • The Secrets Behind Black Friday Leaks
    Thanksgiving is close. That means Holiday shopping game plans are being formed. Here’s some info on the way the Black Friday Sales are leaked to consumers.
  • Nicest Canadian couple in world dole out lottery winnings
    “What you’ve never had, you never miss” Great story. Great people.