Friday Feed #6

A week of odds and ends from the Internet. Enjoy and be sure to watch the video at the end. The National Anthem sung in a unique way.

Have a safe Memorial Weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

Are Sleep Problems Normal as We Get Older?
Reports show that a majority of Americans have sleeping troubles as they age. This article shows the cause of these problem and suggestions for what to do about them. It also has a video with a Sleep Specialist from Emory University talking on taking medication to correct poor sleeping habits.

Alaska hosts world beard championships
Just a sample quote from this article as a teaser to read it: “In Alaska, I think I probably have the biggest goatee right now,” he said. “It is right about to my belly button.” These guys are serious about their facial hair. Disappointing that the article did not mention, not even once, ZZ Top.

Apple’s 11 Most Intriguing Computer Designs
See how the Apple computer has evolved over the years.

Food Too Big to Finish: Extreme Eating Feats
Women’s Day has tracked day 8 of America’s best (and also biggest) eating challenges. Think you have what it takes for a 42 inch pizza. I’d like to the meet the person who hand tossed that dough.

The Future Of Cars, Circa 1999
Every year a majority of car companies will release a concept car that is billed as the car of the future. This website takes a look back at car companies that were doing this in 1999 and compares them to the cars of today to see who way spot on and who was way off. Good thing they went with the design they did with the Dodge Charger. The concept in 1999 doesn’t look very symmetrical.

World’s Most Interesting Bridges, Part 3
Some fantastic architecture on display in this link. Learning about the bridge being built in China is reason enough alone to visit this site.

And we end this week with the singing of the National Anthem by Marvin Gaye. Without doubt, one of the most unique deliveries of the National Anthem. It worked well, very well.