Friday Feed #55: 300th Post Edition

Yes, that’s right. This edition of the Friday Feed is our 300th post on this blog. It’s been a pleasure updating this thing everyd…..well, almost everyday and bringing you the info you need and sometimes the info that is just a pleasure to read. Enough of that, on with the Friday goods.

The Ultimate History Quiz
History buff? Take on the Ultimate History Quiz and test what you know.

88 Incredible Sand Sculptures
See if you can replicate any of these on your summer trip to the beach.

Home Remedies Around the World
Americans mothers go to the chicken soup, but what are they doing in other countries?

Shanghai Skyline: Before and After
This the Amazing Present and the Crazy Future of Dubai’s Skyline
A couple of amazing skylines from overseas.

The World’s Wildest Water Slides: Pictures
Popular Mechanics checks in on some water slides that offer a little more than the average summer fun.

11 Crazy Product Commercials From the 1980s
Ah, the 80’s.