Friday Feed #5

The Friday Feed: A week’s worth of odds and ends from the Internet and this week with video. Enjoy!

Shaq Admits to Taking Performance-Enhancing Cereals
Shaquille O’Neal is one of the best centers in NBA history. Along with that, the guy is pretty funny. With all of the news with steroids in baseball, Shaq clears the air with admitting to taking a performance enhancer.

Surprise! Daydreaming Really Works the Brain
Think daydreaming is a sign of laziness? Think again. Recent studies have found that it may be a catalyst for problem solving.

Top 10 Mysteries of the Mind
This one wasn’t originally planned to be on here this week, but after reading the above story it just seemed like it fit right next to it.

8 Amazing Acoustic Guitarist
The video below is from this link. That one is only a teaser to the other 7 that are on here. Some amazing artist with amazing talents. Possibly the best link we offered in the Friday Feed, thus far.