Friday Feed #4

It’s the Friday Feed. A week of articles, pictures, videos, etc. that we have found looking through the Internet this week. Hope you enjoy. See you on Monday!

The Fine Print: What’s Really in a Lot of ‘Healthy’ Foods
Just because “health foods” claim they are healthy, are they really? The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the fine print on such products as salt substitutes, artificial sweeteners, trans fat, wheat bread, fiber and many other foods that claim to be healthy for you.

The Best NASA Satellite Photos from the Last 50 Years
Awesome photo gallery of shots of earth and around space. The Solar Storms are pretty amazing.

Man Gets Paid $120,000 to Sit on Tropical Island and Swim
Yes, simply, the best job in the world.

Introducing Vertical Farming – Farms of the Future
The city of Vancouver recently held a competition that had the goal, “to address climate change plans and to guide greener and denser development, reducing carbon emissions for the future.” The winner was Romses Architect, a firm with offices in Canada and China. Their concept takes farm to a whole new level, literally.

Life of Reilly: How do you beat a guy who throws righty and lefty? You don’t.
Rick Reilly tells the story of Pat Venditte. He is a 23 year old minor league pitcher who can pitch right and left handed. That’s not a typo. Here is some video of him about a year back pitching and causing some confusion at a game with a switch hitter.