Friday Feed #33

*Audi eSpira picture courtesy of Popular Mechanics

Wild Rides for Teenagers, Circa 2030
Every year the L.A. Auto Show organizers ask transportation designers to imagine how cars will look in the distant future. The result is usually a half-realistic, half-Jetsonian view of future rolling, transforming and flying vehicles. For 2009, the challenge focused on cars that will appeal to teenagers in 2030.

The Year’s Most Amazing Scientific Images
It’s near the end of the year, so expect all kinds of these “The Year’s Most” list. This one checks out some amazing scientific pictures.

Vacillating Voiceovers: A History of Unreliable Narrators
Here’s a list of 12 more films that have been controlled, manipulated, and sometimes illuminated by unreliable narrators.

Young Adults Who Exercise Get Higher IQ Scores
The title pretty much says it all doesn’t it?

15 Brand Names Decoded
Ever wonder wonder why Google is named Google while you’re Googling? Read this and you’ll know why.

Top Ten Discoveries of 2009
Here’s another “Top” list of 2009. This one is from National Geographic. Number 2 on the list is pretty crazy.