Friday Feed #3

Like every Friday we give you some interesting news, notes, tidbits, photos and information we have found in this past week. Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

Dancing Birds Feel the Beat
Two new studies find that birds have rythym. Both studies crown a sulfur-crested cockatoo, named Snowball, the disco king of the birds. Snowball might just be a special bird as the scientist found that the parrots are the best at moving their body and legs to steady beats in music. By the way, Snowball prefers rock music.

50 Tools Everyone Should Own (With Tips!)
Is your tool box complete? Look over this guide from Popular Mechanics, a group of people dedicated to building and making things better. The great thing is they just don’t provide the list, they give you tips along the way.

Mind how you go: The amazing wheelchair… controlled by the power of thought
It’s no secret that technology is advancing rapidly day-to-day, but this is something above and beyond.

Human landscapes from above
The Boston Globe takes a look at 26 human landscapes from a bird’s eye view. Awesome gallery of pictures. #7, a picture of a hot spring in Yellowstone, is without a doubt the best.

Pontiac cars through the years
With the recent news that General Motors is not continuing the Pontiac brand the Chicago Tribune takes a look back through the years with pictures. It only took them 5 pictures to get in a Burt Reyonlds reference.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!!!