Friday Feed #23

The Summer is closing out, but the Friday Feed continues on.

T. Rex Ancestor Was Little Tough Guy
Scientist find out that before a T-Rex was real huge, they were about the size of a human. The mentality was the same though.

12 Rugged Adventures Through Exquisite National Parks
WebEcoist takes a look at some National Parks and provides some amazing pictures of each one.

The Wide World of Weird Sports
Time magazine uncovers some of the weirder sports in America. Ever seen a guy dressed up as a waffle wrestle? Click on this link and you can say you have.

The Stars of Northeast Minnesota
Awesome picture taken at Superior National Forest, which is a wilderness area boasting right over 1 millions acres of land.

WRAL Channel 5’s Out and About
Looking for something to do in the Triangle this weekend? Check this out.