Friday Feed #20

Had a great time yesterday at the MDA Lock Up in Raleigh and we’re now looking forward to the MDA Telethon on September 7th.

Like every Friday, it’s the Friday Feed.

Why Mowing the Lawn Relieves Stress and Boosts Your Memory
Researchers have discovered that a chemical released by a mown lawn makes people feel happy and relaxed, and could prevent mental decline in old age.

The 25 Worst Business Failures in History
Business Pundit looks at 25 businesses that just didn’t Pan out. Notice the capitalized “P” in pan? It’s foreshadowing the list.

The World’s 5 Fastest Trains You Can Ride Right Now
Popular Mechanics takes a look at 5 trains with some serious speed.

10 Tips from Happy People
HowStuffWorks takes a look at how happiness works.

WRAL Channel 5’s Out and About
Check out what is going on in the Triangle Area this weekend.