Friday Feed #19

Big Week coming up with the MDA Lock Up next Thursday. If you haven’t checked out who they’re locking up, do so here.

Now on with the Friday Feed.

Retired Auto Mechanic Builds Electric Car for Just $500
Using the design of skateboard trunks this retired auto mechanic built a car out of recycled materials, front and back differentials out of a Ford Pinto and some motorcycly brakes.

7 Next-Gen Bandages That Help Heal Wounds
The future of band-aids.

15 Incredibly Decorated Cupcakes
The title pretty much says it all. Fifteen creative and innovative cupcake designs.

The World’s Most Unusual Animal Friendships
A giraffe and an ostrich that are best buds? It must be a long neck thing.

Top 17 Extreme S’more Creations – Bacon Included
Again, the title says it all. Seventeen S’mores that are pushing the envelope.