Friday Feed #14

Day after Thursday. Day before Saturday. You know it as the Friday Feed.

WRAL Channel 5’s Out & About Section
Check out what’s going on in the Triangle on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

35 Excellent Examples of Light Graffiti
Check out these pictures of some amazing light being taken to the creative edge.

10 Great Game Show Gaffes
Woman’s Day has become of favorite of the Friday Feed. Mostly because they bring us great stuff like 10 of the best game show bloopers in video.

Remembering Apollo 11’s Big Picture blog takes a look back at the Apollo 11 Mission with some great pictures. The 40th Anniversary of this event was Wednesday July 15th.

The Triangle’s Top 50
The News & Observer takes a look at the Top 50 Reasons the Triangle is a great place to live when it comes to food.

Swiss Company Promises Chocolate Revolution
Think chocolate can’t get any better? How about bars that won’t melt and have 90 less calories.