Friday Feed #11

Friday! Friday! Friday! Enjoy the Feed and the Weekend and we’ll see you on Monday.

7 Solar Sensations: From Your Pocket to the Sky
With world leaders committing to developing green energy there is going to be an influx of new innovation when it comes to the use of solar panels. ABC News takes a look at 7 potential products that could be mainstays in the years to come.

8 Crazy Condiments
Did you know Dr. Pepper had a BBQ sauce? Not shocking enough? Okay, Did you know there is a such thing as bacon flavored mayonnaise? Check it out.

Visions of Saturn
This one is pretty self explanatory. Some amazing photos of Saturn.

Ten Most Controversial Calls in Sports History
Refs and umpires, sometimes you kind of feel sorry for them for the guff they have to take. But these ten plays or situations deserved to be jeered.

And we’ll end it this week with this amazing shot: