Friday Feed #10

It’s Friday!!! An early Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads as well.

11 Affordable Father’s Day Gifts Dads Will Want
If you’re reading this and still haven’t purchased your Dad anything, well, this guide might help.

Father’s Day Pictures: Best Animal Dads
National Geographic takes a look at 7 animal males that go above the call with raising their offspring. Cockroaches may get a lot of bad press, but they seem to be pretty good fathers.

9 Father’s Day Outing Suggestions by WRAL Channel 5 (Raleigh)
Check out what is going on this weekend in and around Raleigh for Father’s Day.

Top 10 TV Dads of All Time
Jackie Kass breaks down the top TV “Pops” from Dr. Huxtable to Andy Taylor. Well, in Andy Taylor’s case, he was a “Paw.”

12 Twisted Tornado Facts breaks down tornadoes from how they get started to their history. Did you know Florida has the most tornadoes per square mile in the US?

10 Off-the-Wall Hot Dogs
You thought a chili-cheese dog was living on the edge. What about a Mac n’ Cheese dog?

5,000 KM Beard Growth
Christoph Rehage planned to walk about 5,000 km from China to Germany, taking a photo of himself every day for one year—and not shaving once. Then he made a video of his travels. A pretty awesome video at that.