Hardison & Cochran's Employee Spotlight: Dara Bigby

She is originally from New York, but she has been a country girl for years and absolutely loves it. We’re talking about none other than Social Security Disability Senior Case Manager, Dara Bigby. She has been with Hardison & Cochran for five years and has been assisting the Social Security Disability attorneys help our clients obtain their benefits the whole time. Her favorite part of working here is helping the clients get the benefits they deserve when they were not able to get them on their own.

In her leisure time, Dara enjoys walking to the lake, writing, reading and watching movies. She loves basketball and says LeBron James is her favorite player. Remember the country girl in her? Well, she likes getting out and riding four wheelers with her brothers and slinging the football around in the yard with her 12 year old son Fredi. “I just like having fun and enjoying life,” says Dara. When asked about what she liked the most about her move from New York to North Carolina, she said, “The BBQ! It’s the best in the world.”