Chapel Hill Town Council To Vote On Cell Phone Ban on March 12th

Distracted Driving. Texting While Driving. Cell Phone Use While Driving. Chances are you’ve heard these phrases more frequently in the past year. In December of 2011, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended a full ban on cell phone use while driving.

While the above linked story originated out of Washington, DC, the story that prompted today’s post is a little closer to home. The town council in Chapel Hill is set to vote on a proposal that will ban the usage of cell phones while driving, even hands free devices, on March 12th.

Here are some highlights of all the news in Chapel Hill:

  1. It it unsure if the town of Chapel Hill even has the ability to ban cell phones.
    An assistant attorney general said in a letter that the council does not have the authority to ban the cell phone usage. A Chapel Hill attorney said that the assistant attorney general did not have all the facts before writing the letter.
  2. The Chapel Hill proposal will make using a cell phone a secondary offense
    A police officer must stop a vehicle for another reason before issuing a ticket for a violation of the ban.

Below is a report from WRAL Channel 5 on the Chapel Hill Distracted Driving Cell Phone Ban:

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* Picture courtesy of samantha celera via Flickr Creative Commons