Are You Too Social on Your Social Media? (Video)

Social media is a great. It allows you to easily keep in touch with your friends and even make new friends. Hey, it even allows for us to have awesome Halloween Costume Contest with our clients. But at what point does what we share go over the line and start causing trouble?

Have you ever shared a photo of you and your family on vacation? Maybe not even on vacation, but just a picture in real time that you were away from your house? Have you ever “checked-in” when you went out to eat or when you got to work? Well, you might just be opening the door for yourself to be a victim.

Lauren Melvin, from WFMY Channel 2 of Greensboro, North Carolina recently had a report on this subject. The report made so many great points, we felt like we needed to re post it here for everyone to see. You can read the written report by clicking here or simply view the video below: