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Hardison & Associates Team Up For Hoops 4 Hope

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This year’s MDA Stride and Ride has taken a turn to the hardwood. Using March Madness as a template, the Raleigh MDA office started the Hoops 4 Hope this week. Round One is a competition to see which team can raise the most funds by their Internet site only. Hardison & Associates has created a team (if you couldn’t tell by the nifty team logo above), the Legal Eagles.

We welcome anyone who visits our blog to donate funds to the MDA for a great cause. To donate, you can visit our team page HERE or get in contact with the great folks at the Raleigh MDA office by dialing (919) 783-0222.

Here’s a few things your donations go to throughout the year:
$30 Flu Shot
$74 One Minute of Research
$100 One Support Group
$300 MDA Clinic
$500 Repairs To Medical Equipment
$800 Send One Kid To Camp

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