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Friday Feed #7

This week on the internet:

5 Alternative Teaching Methods
Lectures, homework and report cards aren’t the only school of thought when it comes to teaching. Pun intended.

Fake ‘no parking’ signs fool Tarpon Springs police, who write 233 tickets near Tarpon Turtle restaurant
Mike Bronson, a local developer, didn’t want people parking around a popular Tarpon Springs, FL restaurant, so he put up “No Parking” signs. Well he even faked out the law who over a course of two years wrote over 200 tickets due to the signs. Problem is they were not city sanctioned.

8 Awe-Inspiring Swimming Pools
Women’s Day takes a look at 8 amazing swimming pools. Don’t know about the one in Utah. Looks kind of creepy, but the World’s Largest Pool is amazing.

Good Boy! The World’s Ten Smartest Dogs
PetMD takes a look at the ten smartest dog breeds.

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