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The Friday Feed #2

Some interesting articles, photos and tidbits we have found this week. Enjoy!:

Times readers’ underrated destinations of the world
The LA Times readers pick their 24 most underrated destinations in the world. The mountains in Kotor, Montenegro are amazing. Check them out they are #24 on the list.

After four straight no-hitters, Mitchell High pitcher Patrick Schuster is king of the mound
How do you follow up throwing 3 no-hitters in a row in the previous year? Throw 4 in a row the next. Patrick Schuster, a high school senior in Florida, just threw his 4th no-hitter in a row. He takes the mound again on April 28th to go for number 5. The national high school record for no-hitters in a row is 6.

British scientists study Hawaiian happy face spider
Ever heard of a “Hawaiian happy face spider”? Neither have we, but after seeing the picture we agreed that it is appropriately named.

Chewing gum raises kids’ math scores
A recent study of kids 13-16 years old suggest that maybe chewing gum in school isn’t such a bad thing.

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